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    Greetings from Sightline! Thank you to all of the new subscribers that have registered at Sightline.us to receive our webletter. Sightline specializes in Airport Marking Consulting, having 30 years of experience regarding pavement markings. The purpose of this seasonal publication, if it is new to you, is to inform about issues regarding Airport Markings.

    We recently returned from the SWIFT and ACI-NA conferences hosted by Toronto this year. Both were well attended and a lot of fun. We hope that you enjoy the following articles and strongly encourage feedback in the form of questions and comments! To send us feedback simply click on the "Contact Us" button on the right.

The "Glass Bead" Incident

    In the last issue of our webletter, we mentioned that Sightline was part of an investigation involving glass beads and their potential as FOD. The incident caused the industry to be concerned about possible liability on airports for poor glass bead application and good housekeeping procedures. As promised, we are reporting as much as we can about our experiences involving the issue. More

Sightline Youth in Search of the Truth

    Being the youngest member of the Sightline team, I have to ask a lot of questions to learn from the pros about the industry. Most of the time I'm able to grasp the concepts that are discussed, but sometimes I have to dig a little deeper on my own. When I do find my answers they aren't always easy to understand. There are probably many of you who might like a quick course in industry enigmas. So grab a desk and soak it up, you will be quizzed afterwards. More

Additional Content

    Heard on Southwest Airlines just after a very hard landing in Salt Lake City: The flight attendant came on the intercom and said, "That was quite a bump and I know what ya'll are thinking... Highways vs Airfields

    Sightline goes to The Biggest Little City in the World

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