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Thank you to all of the new subscribers that have registered at Sightline.us to receive our webletter. Sightline specializes in Airport Marking Consulting, having 30 years of experience regarding pavement markings. The purpose of this seasonal publication, if it is new to you, is to inform about issues regarding Airport Markings.

This past season has flown by and Winter is upon us! The Best Practices Handbook is coming together nicely as we continue to travel around the country. Rain seems to be following us wherever we go... that's beginning to become maddening, but other than that we're doing well. To you and yours - have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the time off!

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First In, Last Out

"I think I've found something that is almost as boring as pavement markings," I told my marketing manager. "Accounting and inventory terminology!" I continued. His eyes rolled back in his head at the mere thought! "First in, first out (FIFO); last in, first out (LIFO); first in, last out (FILO)... you get the idea." He passed out. More>>


As the holiday season approaches, so do the NFL playoffs; I'm comfortable with proclaiming this is the best time of the year. Being a football fanatic I find myself wasting time and sacrificing productivity in order to be current on the goings on around the league. In this article I'm bringing work and play together to explain how Sightline can help you acheive a winning season. More>>

The Great White Type

About two years ago we encountered an airport having issues with markings becoming discolored with rusty stains. Sightline did some research and found that several regions have encountered the same phenomenon. With some help from industry friends, we offered the airport a solution and recently went back to evaluate the results. More>>

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