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It's hard to believe 2007 is nearly gone! They say time goes by faster the older you get - I'm starting to agree. We're scheduled to be speaking and/or exhibiting at a few conferences in the next several months. To see where we'll be check out what's currently on our calendar below. The Best Practices Airfield Marking Handbook is on "final approach" and scheduled to be released around April 15th of the new year. For the latest on the Handbook click on the "What's New" button to the right.

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What we're doing in the next few months:

Enhanced Taxiways For All?

An FAA fact sheet was released on December 6, 2007 addressing runway safety in the aviation community. It explains the 75 largest airports have been requested to accelerate the timetable for completing marking enhancements, while all smaller certificated airports have been asked to voluntarily update their markings. Here's some input from us about the call to action. More>>

What's Lobe Got To Do With It?

I know, I know - the article title is a horrible pun, the lowest form of humor. I'll probably get more hate mail about it than anything else - not to mention get booted off Tina Turner's Christmas card list. So it goes... More>>

Houston: We Have A Solution

It's not as if they had a problem in the first place, but we just returned from training a great group of people in Houston. I was very impressed with the staff at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, and wanted to discuss something that was unique to this workshop that may be of value to other airports considering training. More>>

Technology Update

Most of us don't immediately log on the FAA's website as soon as a new AC is released for consumption. However, there are some significant points of interest that affect everyone. Get the 411 here: More>>

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