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We have completed all but one of our Airfield Marking Symposiums around the nation in the last few months. The last one is in our home state in Manassas, Virginia. We saved the best for last, so if you've been meaning to attend, Virginia Octobers are hard to beat. We hope to see you in Virginia!

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Airfield Marking Handbook - Chapter 5

The handbook has been released and we are going to take a look at the last chapters of the Handbook over the next few issues of the webletter. Chapter 5 uncovers pavement marking removal; 80-100% removal, pavement damage, pre-existing conditions... typical dinner table conversation. More>>


Ever been on a FOD walk? How many people ever considered the markings as being potential FOD? Few at best. Perhaps because markings aren't foreign to the airfields. In fact, they belong there. Should there be legitimate concern over paint and beads? More>>

Bring Out Your Dead

Whether you're a fan of the Ministry of Silly Walks, Dead Parrots, Lumberjacks, or poor retroreflectivity, you'll find this article less than plaguing. More>>

Wisdom Imparted

Hindsight is 20:20. All we can hope to do is learn from our past experience and put another best foot forward. If you don't have a best foot, borrow someone else's. More>>

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