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Sightline is a team of Airfield Marking Consultants. We don't paint; instead we are marking experts, working with the industry to improve marking systems worldwide.

The purpose of this seasonal publication, if it is new to you, is to inform about issues regarding airport markings. Thanks to all of you who subscribed through our website at

Be sure to check out the new 2011 lineup for our Airfield Marking Symposiums below. Online registration will be available for each soon. Enjoy!

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2011 Airfield Marking Symposiums:

  • May 11-13, 2011: Dallas, TX
  • July 11-13, 2011: Boston, MA
  • September 12-14, 2011: Reno, NV
  • October 18-20, 2011: Kansas City, MO

Fort Myers Symposium

Our last remaining Airfield Marking Symposium is happening a month from now in Fort Myers, FL. We're sneaking it in before the holidays so come enjoy the nice weather with us at our AMS November 8-10, 2010! More>>

Suitable Specifications

Returning retail is something we all have to go through once in awhile. Whether it be an online purchase or clothing, sometimes we don't get exactly what we expect. Have you ever tried returning a poor airfield marking project? More>>

Got Sockets?

If you're a client of ours, past or present, you probably have had a laugh at our expense watching our field technicians look through a magnifying glass with our faces inches from the pavement. Truthfully, it's part of the job - but what we're seeing is often no laughing matter. More>>

Certification Training

Sightline has been beating this "certification training" drum for a long time now and we're making headway! Paul Bowers and the staff at Airport Improvement Magazine just handed us another drumstick. More>>

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