Sightline Webletter | Fall 2015
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Season's Greetings from Sightline

The webletter has a new look, but despite the changes the quality of the following articles remains unchanged.  From the Sightline family to yours: have a wonderful holiday season and we hope to see you in the New Year!

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The AC's Are A'Changin'

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-10G was published in July of 2014 and a bunch of changes were made. More changes have been made since then, and in this series of articles, we've highlighted where the changes are in the guidance, the intent, and what the new language means to you. Read MoreBullet

Russian Imperial Roulette

"Hooray Beer!" That is, unless it's poorly made. Chances are, you're going to come across a craft beer this holiday season that should never have been conceived, let alone created.  But how do you know which ones to avoid?  Read MoreBullet

Juice < Squeeze

Sometimes good intentions lead to mediocre results. Sometimes a good theory doesn't translate well when put to practice. Sometimes the juice isn't worth the squeeze. Read MoreBullet

What's New?

2015 marked the best-attended single year of Airfield Marking Symposium since it began in 2008, selling out nearly every seat.  We're excited to announce your hosts in 2016 on January 5th, but first let's take a look at this year in review. Read MoreBullet
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