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Surface Preparation

At Sightline we have seen all types of marking projects in all different environments. The issues are always unique at each location. However many of the problems we see can be easily solved and avoided in the future with a little insight from Sightline. Peeling paint, marking discoloration, and other material failures can be reduced, if not eliminated, with surface preparation prior to application. An airfield is one of the most valuable assets of any airport. Perhaps it's worth the resources to treat it like one. More

Much 'Ado' About "Nothing"

It's the end of the school year again and all the kids are happy to have survived! Grades will be coming soon, and for some, the dreaded SAT scores will be released. I always despised the verbal analogies section. Puppy is to Dog, as Kitten is to _____. Those tests may have scarred me for life. What does this have to do with marking maintenance? I'm glad you asked.

Houses are to Runways, as
Sightline is to More

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Summer Is Almost Here!

Glass Beads and Good Housekeeping

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