Greetings from Sightline!

Sightline is a team of Airfield Marking Consultants. We don't paint; instead we are marking experts, working with the industry to improve marking systems worldwide.

The purpose of this seasonal publication, if it is new to you, is to inform about issues regarding airport markings. Thanks to all of you who subscribed through our website at

Don't forget to check out the new 2010 lineup for our Airfield Marking Symposiums in the What's New column to the right. Enjoy!

Here's what's going on:

  • 2010 Airfield Marking Symposium locations announced
  • March 22, 2010: FAA Inspector Recurrent Training, Palm Coast, FL
  • April 13-15, 2010: Annual Pacific Aviation Directors Workshop, Honolulu, HI
  • May 5-7, 2010: Washington Airport Management Association Spring Conference
  • Airfield Marking Handbook - Chapter 7

    The handbook has been out for 18 months now and we are going to take a look at the last chapter of the AMH. Chapter 7 discusses inspection techniques. Get out your handbook and magnifying glass and follow along with us. More>>

    Airport Improvement

    Paul Bowers and the staff at Airport Improvement Magazine recently wrote an article about an audit Sightline performed for Milwaukee's General Mitchell International Airport. The marking audit is designed to increase safety while reducing time and money spent. More>>

    Siding with the Experts

    It never ceases to amaze me how much money is wasted on markings alone in the industry. Most of us are very careful when it comes to our own budgets and where our expenditures fall. This isn't always the case in aviation, but it can be. More>>

    Refreshing Weather

    What a winter we just had! No one was safe this year. I was lucky enough to be working in Fort Worth for Virginia's 30-inch blizzard, only to get hit with record snowfall while in Texas! More>>

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