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Sightline is a team of Airfield Marking Consultants. We don't paint; instead we are marking experts, working with the industry to improve marking systems worldwide.

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It actually is feeling like spring which means it's painting season! If you haven't done so already, check out our locations for training at our 2011 Airfield Marking Symposiums below. Enjoy the articles!

2011 Airfield Marking Symposium Lineup:

Where else we'll be:

  • April 19-20, 2011: Virginia Aviation Operators Council Annual Meeting

The Definition of Insanity

Anyone realize how much more pavement we're painting these days? It's a lot more than we did twenty years ago and far more complex - but is it making a difference? More>>

Dispensing Knowledge

Hand-throwing glass beads is no longer permitted when installing airfield markings. The "Fastball", "Vice Grip", flour sifters and fertilizer spreaders will all be retired. We have what you need to properly dispense your glass beads. More>>

Groundhog Day

If aliens visited our planet and were an eyewitness to the events of Groundhog Day, they would turn around and leave due to lack of intelligent life. More>>

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