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The AC's Are A'Changin'

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-10G has been out since last summer, and a bunch of changes were made. In this series of articles, we've highlighted what changes were made in the guidance, its intent, and what the new language means to you. More>>

Miracle Drugs

There are more drugs out there claiming to perform minor miracles than ever before. There are even more people who seem perfectly willing to take them. Perhaps it is because we're all looking for that miracle drug to fix what ails us? More>>

"Mod" To Standard

Have you ever tried getting a Modification (or "Mod") To Standard through the FAA for a unique circumstance for your airport or project? I've heard it's not the smoothest process and it can take years. Can you imagine if you had to get a "Mod" To Standard for every one of your projects? More>>

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