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We have been touring around the nation observing several airports and the techniques used to apply and maintain their markings. Our findings will be included in the airfield marking handbook to be completed in about a year. To read more about the handbook click the "What's New" button to the right and read the article below entitled "Roundtable Represents Aviation Industry".

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Roundtable Represents Aviation Industry

Recently Sightline was awarded a project, sponsored by the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation, to compile a "best practices" handbook by observing current marking methods around the country. We felt it necessary to request input from the entire industry to focus on what needed to be included in the handbook. After gathering individuals representing various segments of the aviation industry, the roundtable discussion ensued. More>>

Get To Know SaMS

We all know about and refer to the Advisory Circulars produced by the FAA. The AC is a series of general guidelines that point the end user in the proper direction. However, the AC does not cover every specific scenario that is encountered with regard to airfield markings. Instead, the FAA created a utility that answers specific questions about individual airport's markings as they arise. This utility is called the Signs and Marking Supplement, more commonly known as the SaMS. More>>

Markings Aren't Sexy

There are some things in this world that may never reach the "sexy" status. Drywall, garden hoses, and pavement markings all fall into this category. An attempt to market these things is like my golf swing; painful to watch and doesn't get you very far. Regardless of how boring they are, each still serves a valuable function in their respective industries. More>>

Paying Attention to the Details

Painting is often the last thing that needs to be done before a runway can be reopened to air traffic. Consequently, the subtleties that produce a good project can often be omitted as a result of trying to expedite the process. But what's the use of an airport spending time and money on a project if it isn't done correctly? Without further ado, it's story time! Pull up a cozy chair and get comfortable because this is a perfect example of when paying attention to detail pays off. More>>

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