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That's right - Elvis is alive and well, swallowing gum doesn't digest for 7 years, and Bigfoot's day job is striping airports. Sightline comes across some misinformed beliefs in the field when talking with the aviation community. So we're taking some precious webletter space to dispel these urban myths one at a time. Today's busted myth: Type 4 beads and 1952-D paint work well in concert. More>>

Cloudy With A Chance Of Coalescence

In hot, arid environments found in southwestern states, weather generally doesn't limit painting operations year round. For the rest of us, we need some cooperation from Mother Nature to allow for striping. But when is the best time to paint? More>>

Reading Between The Lines

Most of us have never heard of striated markings. However, airports that experience a lot of precipitation in the form of snow and ice are often quite familiar. The adapted design creates some unique issues for the maintenance of striated markings, and we discuss said issues here. More>>

It's Only Temporary

Many things are temporary: those pesky "Vote For Surname" signs all over the roadways; temporary employees; temporary fillings for dental work; temporary housing; temporary service (just ask National Guardsmen!); and our personal favorite: temporary pavement markings. More>>

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