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Greetings from Sightline! Thank you to all of the new subscribers that have registered at Sightline.us to receive our webletter. Sightline specializes in Airport Marking Consulting, having 30 years of experience regarding pavement markings. The purpose of this seasonal publication, if it is new to you, is to inform about issues regarding Airport Markings.

The Airfield Marking Handbook has gone to press! We're expecting our own copies of the AMH in about 3 weeks. We will send out an email when you can purchase or download it. If you would like a notification upon it's availability, email us!

Also, Sightline and AAAE have teamed up to bring the aviation industry the first training seminar dedicated to airfield markings! It's the only one of it's kind - details can be found on our calendar or in the article below!

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What we're doing in the next few months:

Airfield Marking Practicum

AAAE and Sightline have teamed up to bring the aviation industry the first ever seminar strictly about markings! Based on what we have seen all over our nation's pavements - this workshop is a bit overdue. Chances are the individuals responsible for marking your favorite airfield have not been trained - this is a great opportunity. More>>

AMH - Airfield Marking Handbook

The Handbook is at the printer as we speak, er... as you read. Within this article we break down exactly what is contained in the handbook. It's not meant to be read from front-to-back, although it can be (we've done that several times). Instead, it is the single-most comprehensive resource regarding airfield markings in the world. And this is why... More>>

The Cost Of Quality

Bottom line thinking is prevalent in our everyday lives, and in several cases it is justified. The cost associated with a product or service drives many of our decisions because most of us work under a budget. However, the cost of quality will often motivate us to make other, informed decisions. More>>

Goal To Go

With the NFL in full swing, each teams' goal is the same: to win the Super Bowl. You have to have goals, after all - you rarely hear the NFL Champions say "I can't believe we're here, this must be a mistake". The same is true in our industry, and markings are included in that mission. More>>

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