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We've had some very exciting things happen in the last three months: Mike became a dad, Donna became a grandma again, and Virginia, our home state, is conducting statewide assessments of its GA airports' markings. We've been so busy, we brought in some more people to help out. Check out the "What's New" column on the right for more about our recent additions.

Where we're headed:

The AC's Are A'Changin'

The FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-10G has been officially published. There have been a lot of modifications that we all need to be aware of. In this article, we've highlighted many of the changes. More>>

Faded Markings

Why are my pavement markings faded? Why does my red turn to pink, and my yellow fade out? Why won't my markings last longer?! Maybe you should consider marking rejuvenation? More>>

Virginia Statewide Marking Assessments

The Commonwealth of Virginia is exploring an innovative approach to enhancing safety at its general aviation airports. The Virginia Department of Aviation is conducting a statewide assessment to evaluate airport pavement markings and develop a plan for their maintenance. More>>

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