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Greetings from Sightline

As you have probably already noticed, our newsletter has a new look to go with its new name. After ten years of the old design, it was time to freshen things up. Despite the changes, the quality of content remains unchanged; enjoy the articles!
The purpose of the articles below is to inform you about issues related to airfield markings. Sightline's expertise improves marking systems and delivers tailored solutions through professional services such as training, audits, and quality control. For more resources and information, visit our website at


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The AC's Are A'Changin'

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-10G was published in July of 2014 and a bunch of changes were made. In this series of articles, we've highlighted what changes were made in the guidance, its intent, and what the new language means to you. Read MoreBullet

Ask Sightline

There's a new way to get all of your unanswered-marking-questions answered.  It's called "Ask Sightline", a new free tool available to you on our website. It's amazing what kind of inappropriate questions you receive when you offer free advice. Read MoreBullet

Contractor Certifications

I recently visited "Angie's List" to read reviews of airport striping contractors. I was shocked when I realized not a single pavement marking contractor was listed for airport work.  Was I the only one expecting to be able to determine whether a contractor was qualified? Read MoreBullet

What's New?

The last issue of this newsletter discussed some issues we took with the latest definition of surface preparation in the "new construction" advisory circular.  Since then, the FAA has published an errata sheet in an attempt to clear some things up. Read MoreBullet
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