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The Glass Bead Incident: Revisited

Rumors travel fast. Like a game of "telephone", a message can be misconstrued easily. "Manning and the Colts win the Super Bowl!" becomes Man in the cold swindles soup bowl. Let's clear the air of this "glass bead myth" once and for all. More>>

Do You See What I See?

Recently Sightline was awarded a research project to write a Airfield Marking "Best Practices" Handbook for the U.S aviation industry. Our project objective is to observe striping procedures and define a set of best practices for the industry to reference. The past few months writing reports has been revealing... More>>

Tacky Sawdust Cookies

Weird title... weird analogy, but you'll see - it works. Just know that I was out of my mind one night frantically writing while finishing an entire sleeve of Thin Mints. The Girl Scouts could take us all out with one bad batch of cookies... which made me begin to think. More>>

Be Prepared

You've heard us go on ad nauseam about surface preparation before, but this time we've taken a different angle in our reasoning. We maintain that it's the only way to get the most life out of your markings, but this time we're considering the pavement life as well. More>>

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