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Greetings from Sightline! Thank you to all of the new subscribers that have registered at Sightline.us to receive our webletter. Sightline specializes in Airport Marking Consulting, having 30 years of experience regarding pavement markings. The purpose of this seasonal publication, if it is new to you, is to inform about issues regarding Airport Markings.

Winter in Virginia came and went like a lamb. While some parts of the US were getting pounded with record snowfall, Virginia was spared or snubbed; it depends who you talk to! We will be speaking and/or exhibiting on the west coast at two events in the next month, if you're attending one of the events on the calendar below, be sure to say hello to us. For the latest on the Best Practices Airfield Marking Handbook be sure to read our article about it.

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What we're doing in the next few months:

Airfield Marking Handbook

The final meeting between the IPRF technical panel and the research team is complete. The handbook is nearing completion, and is now expected to be produced for public consumption early this summer. More>>

Professional Grade

Our equipment guru, Tom Walmer, has contributed an article to the webletter this time around. It's specifically geared toward applicators. Operations and maintenance staff - get a copy out to your paint crews. More>>

Sightline in Bahrain

From the Middle Atlantic to the Middle East: Sightline was recently contracted to send consultants to Bahrain to aid them in improving their airfield markings. Using our marking condition indexing (MCI) service, we evaluated their entire airfield marking system and are prescribing solutions for Bahrain International Airport. More>>

Marking Combover

The FAA inspection date has been circled on your calendar for some time, and everyone at the airport has been preparing for judgment day. The goal is always to come away with the highest possible marks: enter the "marking combover". More>>

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