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Greetings from Sightline! Thank you to all of the new subscribers that have registered at Sightline.us to receive our webletter. Sightline specializes in Airport Marking Consulting, having 30 years of experience regarding pavement markings. The purpose of this seasonal publication, if it is new to you, is to inform about issues regarding Airport Markings.

The Airfield Marking Handbook has been released to the public! To procure a copy for yourself, check this out. The Airfield Marking Practicum was a great success, held in Reno, NV last November. We wrote a bit about it and have a short slide show from the conference in our What's New column to the right. We'll be presenting and attending at a few conferences coming up soon listed on our calendar below. Be sure to come see us if you'll be in Hershey!

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What we're doing in the next few months:

Airfield Marking Handbook - Chapter 2

The handbook has been released and we are going to take a look at the six core chapters of the Handbook over the next several issues of the webletter. Chapter 2 is first on the list. It's all about the design phase of a marking project. More>>

Do Your Markings Need a Checkup?

Your annual physical at the doctor's office is always a little scary. Likely no one likes to schedule one because of the trepidation that can be associated with the condition of one's health. But it's necessary to get a checkup once and again. Markings need the same attention - here's how to check the heartbeat of your marking system. More>>

Remember the Markings

The FAA Call to Action in reducing runway incursions includes initiatives to enhance the markings on airfields, to make them more conspicuous, and thus improve safety. It is a noble goal. However, let us not delude ourselves by thinking that more is always better. More>>

Absolute Value

In this economic climate, it's important to pay attention to cost. However, if there's value to be found, say in the housing market, it might be a great investment opportunity. If there's a value-added incentive however, it may be a no-brainer. More>>

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