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We completed our first year of Airport Marking Symposiums with great success, and graciously thank each and every participant for attending! We are currently working on nailing down host airports for 2010, so if you're a candidate, please contact us. Be sure to check out the article in the January/February issue of Airport Improvement magazine discussing our recent Marking Condition Index.

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This is what's going on:

Airfield Marking Handbook - Chapter 6

The handbook has been released and we are going to take a look at the last chapters of the Handbook over the next few issues of the webletter. Chapter 6 discusses application procedures. I find the subject serves as a great icebreaker when I'm mingling with the ladies. More>>


Like every year, I have sent my Christmas wish list to the FAA. Item number one is to have a certification training program for applicators. Item number two is formulate a waterborne paint specific for use on airfields. Imagine that: a material system specifically designed for airports. More>>

Preventive Care

Eat an apple everyday to stay healthy. Brush your teeth and floss to prevent cavities. Is there a simple way for airports to prevent dysfunctional markings? More>>

Extended Warranty

When you buy a new car do you finance the extended warranty right into the total cost for peace of mind? How about for a new camera? How about for a marking project? More>>

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