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Sightline is a team of Airfield Marking Consultants. We don't paint; instead we are marking experts, working with the industry to improve marking systems worldwide.

The purpose of this seasonal publication, if it is new to you, is to inform about issues regarding airport markings. Thanks to all of you who subscribed through our website at

We hope you had a restful holiday season and spent some quality time with family and friends. The fiscal cliff was averted for now, but many of us felt the sting losing another two percent of our paychecks. We're going to somehow have to pay for the tremendous gap in the infrastructure budget... Two percent may well be a harbinger of things to come.

Where we'll be seen in 2013:

Happy New B'ak'tun!

December 21st, 2012 came and went quietly despite speculation that the Mayan calendar predicted the 'End of the World'. It was reminiscent of the 'Y2K Bug' which only resulted in millions of people draining their bathtubs after nothing happened. Life went on after the non-event and people started to focus on what really matters: their resolutions for the New B'ak'tun. More>>

2012 FAA Safety Inspections

How did your Part 139 Safety Inspection go in 2012? Were you one of the many airports to get cited for marking discrepancies? If you did, you have probably already spoken with us. If you didn't, you'll be interested in how the FAA Inspectors are looking at the markings more critically. More>>

Marking Myth - 'Typical' Application

We continually battle several misconceptions among the industry about pavement markings on airfields. It seems that many just have the wrong idea about what it takes to do it the right way. In this series of articles, we will debunk popular marking myths, and set the record straight. More>>

Ignorance Is Brief

Many of you are probably reading this on your cell phone right now. In the age of information, the focus has been on presenting content to users conveniently and fast. People are glued to their cell phones so much, it's hard to have a good 'ol fashion conversation anymore. But there's no need for conversation when everyone has already heard or read anything you'd want to talk about anyway. More>>

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