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Sightline is a specialty consultant delivering professional services that improve the effectiveness of airfield pavement markings. We don't paint: we consult with airports to improve their marking systems. Our mission is to raise industry standards worldwide to create safer environments for airfield navigation.

Located in Culpeper, Virginia, Sightline is owned and operated by President, Donna Speidel. Mike Speidel (Donna's son) is rooted in the family business as well, overseeing operations and development of the company. With over 50 years of ombined experience, we are outspoken advocates for improved standards, and are working hard to positively change the attitude of an entire industry.

Donna Speidel | President

Donna Speidel, President

Donna Speidel began her career in 1974 in a family pavement marking business, after graduating from George Washington University in 1972.

In 1981, Donna started Speidel Construction initially painting highways and airports to exclusively working on airports over an 18-year period. While working on airports, she noticed that airfield markings lacked the quality and scrutiny of highway markings. Over several years, Donna$apos;s practical knowledge combined with her desire to identify problems that seemed unique to the airfield marking industry.

Since 1998, Donna has been addressing the industry about the importance of airfield markings and about the need to improve methods for their installation. In 2006, Sightline was awarded a research project by the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation (IPRF) under a Cooperative Research Agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to write a "Best Practices Airfield Marking Handbook". Donna was the principal author of the Airfield Marking Handbook, published in September, 2008.

Donna leads training activities during our Airfield Marking Symposiums as well as on-site personnel training, and takes part in marking assessments for airport maintenance programs, quality control during marking installations, and other consulting services.

Mike Speidel | Vice President

Mike Speidel, Vice President

Mike joined the family business in 2005 to assist in the marketing and development of the Sightline brand. As Vice President, his responsibilities have grown from overseeing brand development in to managing operations.

Mike was part of Sightline$apos;s Research Team during the research project administered by the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation (IPRF) under a Cooperative Research Agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration to write an Airfield Marking Handbook that began in 2006. His responsibilities included being the videographer to record observations during the field research and subsequently produce and narrate the Supplemental DVD, a required deliverable of the project.

Mike serves as a senior technician during airfield marking consultancies that include Airfield Marking Audits and quality assurance for marking installations. He is also a training instructor during Airfield Marking Symposiums and on-site training events. Responsible for our marketing materials and newsletters as author/editor, Mike has become a vital member of the Sightline team by working to advance the company$apos;s initiatives throughout the industry.

Matt Davidson | Director of Sales

Matt Davidson, Director of Sales

Matt joined forces with Sightline in 2014. His experience working at general aviation and commercial airports, combined with his corporate sales background, made him a perfect fit for the Sightline family.

As Director of Sales, he is responsible for serving the needs of our existing clients, as well as cultivating relationships with new ones. Matt occasionally makes appearances in the field to stay current with Sightline$apos;s processes.

Working in the pavement marking industry since 1974, Sightline President Donna Speidel, is known throughout the industry as an expert in the application of pavement markings. Speidel officially established Sightline in 2006 to educate and consult the aviation industry in an effort to "raise the bar" for airfield marking standards and practices.

Perhaps our most notable achievement, the Sightline team produced the Airfield Marking Handbook for the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation in a Cooperative Research Agreement with the FAA. Published in 2008, the manual provides the industry with definitive guidance on the details of applying airfield markings. The Handbook is currently used as the classroom literature during Sightline$apos;s Airfield Marking Symposiums.

Historically, our clients include airport consulting engineers, researchers and scientists, private and government industry, military installations, as well as commercial airports. Sightline has been from North America to the Middle East, the Orient, the South Pacific, and back. If the airport has stripes, we can help!

In general, current airfield marking practices are inadequate worldwide. Despite being a relatively small part of airfield operations, markings can make a big difference when applied and maintained properly. Educating the industry to use a proper strategy is the first step to achieving that goal.

The Sightline approach is a system: design tailored specifications, prepare the surface, select quality materials, use best practices during application, and inspect the product. With our expertise, the industry can drastically improve the current conditions of its marking systems.

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