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Airfield Marking Reflectivity Analysis


How bright are your airfield markings at night? Are they safe for your operations? Do they meet the newest FAA standards? Sightline's reflectivity analysis will provide the answers you need by objectively judging the reflectivity, and therefore, the effectiveness of your airfield markings.

For pilots, high-visibility is the most important characteristic of all navigational aids. Signs and lights are effective for as long as a light is functioning correctly. So how do you distinguish a highly visible, effective airfield marking from one that is not very effective, even difficult for a pilot to see?

Sightline's Reflectivity Analyses are performed with that specific goal in mind: to determine airfield marking effectiveness at nighttime and in low-visibility situations. With a specialized device called a retrometer, Sightline is able to quantitatively measure the visibility or brightness of the markings on your airfield. This valuable information can then be utilized to guide the airport in making important decisions regarding material selection and maintenance protocol for their airfield markings, resulting in a safer airfield.

Airfield Marking Reflectivity Analysis