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Airfield Marking Design & Layout


The level of success for new marking projects is often determined in the design stage. At Sightline, our experts can assist you with your airfield marking design by creating new or reviewing existing specifications and marking plans. We can even ensure proper layout of new markings in the field.

In the airport industry, airfield marking standards, configurations, and considerations change constantly. Moreover, the typical set of specifications defined by the FAA are intended to be general. At Sightline, we know that in order to get the best results you need a set of specifications tailored to your particular airport project. They need to include several considerations regarding materials, methods, quality control, etc., and they need to be current with industry standards.

The Sightline layout and design team will ensure your airfield marking plans are accurate and your specifications are designed to attract contractors qualified to meet the requirements of your project. We are available to visit the project site to document the existing conditions and tailor your bid documents accordingly. Sightline's team can produce plan drawings or even perform/verify layout of new markings to ensure accurate dimension, alignment, and placement before the striping begins.

The Benefits

  • Instead of pasting the 5370-10, P-620 specification into your bid documents, you'll get a set of specs that will attract qualified contractors, select the right materials, and guarantee the results you want via performance criteria.
  • Markings are often an afterthought, considered incidental, in large construction - projects on airfields. Not only are airfield markings our primary focus, our principals at Sightline bring over 50 years of combined experience and unsurpassed knowledge of airfield markings to your project.
  • Over the years, our experts have caught errors in plan drawings, specifications, layouts, surveying, etc. If Sightline is on your team, the design and layout, and ultimately, your airfield markings, will be perfect.