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Airfield Marking Dispute Resolution


Sometimes things don't always turn-out as planned. You hire a markings contractor and it's painfully obvious that their work is inferior. You didn't get what you paid for. We may be able to help.

What do you do if your contractor doesn't achieve your specified reflectivity criteria per FAA AC 150/5370-10? What do you do if they can't paint a straight line, and all of your centerlines are wavy?

When they insist that the job was done well, and you're not pleased at all with the finished product, you've got a dispute on your hands.

In any dispute, an objective opinion is often what is needed to reach an equitable solution for all parties involved, and airfield markings are right in our wheelhouse. You can rely on our experience for an objective resolution.

Next time you might want to consider a pro-active approach to getting the job done right and hire Sightline to monitor your contractor. We'll make sure you get what you pay for.