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When funding sources involve federal/state/local governments, project design must justify higher cost/quality materials to ensure a positive return on investment. Among your airfield projects, selecting certain marking materials requires life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) to justify their use. Using data from material sales representatives could be perceived as a conflict of interest. Get your independent LCCA from the experts.

FAA Order 5100-38, Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Handbook, Paragraph 3-96, states: "In order to determine that the use of thermoplastic markings meet the statutory requirement for reasonable costs, the sponsor must provide a life cycle cost comparison that demonstrates that the costs are reasonable and verification that there are more than one manufacturer of thermoplastic markings. The ADO must retain a copy of the sponsor's successful life cycle cost analysis in the project files."

US Military Unified Facilities Guide Specifications (UFGS) 32 17 23 states: "The type of beads used on DOD airfields shall be determined by the installation facility management group (i.e. Director of Public Works, Base Civil Engineer, etc.) taking into consideration local conditions, requirements, and the life cycle costs of the pavement markings."