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Recently we have been awarded a project to create a "Best Practices Handbook" regarding airfield pavement markings by the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation, more on that below. Sightline (and Speidel Construction) has moved its office to Culpeper, VA this Spring. Please note the changes made to our mailing address on the footer of this page!

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We're Writing the Book on Markings!

Recently Sightline submitted a proposal to the IPRF (Innovative Pavement Research Foundation) to write a best practices airfield marking handbook for the industry. We literally jumped at the opportunity to bid the project, and in the last few weeks, we were given the formal notice to proceed! We will be keeping you all apprised of the project's progress in future issues. Here's what we can tell you today... More>>

SPHPMS (Surface Painted Holding Position Marking Signs)

In our Winter '06 issue we mentioned we would discuss, in detail, the new hold position marking standards recently introduced by the FAA. If this pertains to your airport/project - you may want to bookmark this article for future reference, we expect it will be relevant for some time. More>>

Education vs. Certification

While speaking with a professional airport trainer recently, I was explaining some of the issues encountered on airfields relative to the markings.
"How does a company get a job to do the markings at an airport?" he asked.
"Low bidder usually gets the job" I replied.
"Well, the contractors all know what they're doing, right?" he asked.
"There's no certification or training required" I said, "so it's up to the airport or the general contractor to make sure the 'low bidder' knows what he's doing."
"No certification or training is required!?" he asked, rather amazed.
"None" I said.
"That'?s interesting. Certification training is required for just about everything else. You would think with markings providing such a measure of safety that they would insist on training for that too."
Naturally I agreed. More>>

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